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Why is Having Pride Important?

Because we should not allow others opinions to make us feel ashamed of our truest self.

This weekend I checked off an item on my bucket list.  I marched in the San Diego Pride parade. This is a parade representing the rights of people who identify as LGBTQ to live with respect and dignity without hiding their love. I had wanted to simply attend a parade, but the North County LGBT Resource Center offers anyone a chance to march with them. How awesome is that!

In the spirit of parading around I painted a tank top with my motto and logo for the Up To You project. “Change is Up To You” is on the front and “Equal Love” on the back. Being the fancy type, I decorated it with a rainbow of colors from my roommates highlighter collection and her daughters glitter.  At the parade I found a mom and daughter with cute tops as well and snagged a photo of us three.

Even though I identify as hetero, the point of marching is as important as my ancestors who marched for civil rights and women’s rights in the early and mid 1900’s.  While we weren’t sprayed with hoses or victims of violence, we did walk by some ugly protesters. We were whooping and hollering so loud I don’t what those angry people said, but their signs were cruel enough.  I am proud to stand up and openly say I support equal rights for everyone.  The bright spot there was the man standing near them with a sign stating a simple message “Assholes” with an arrow pointing at the protesters. Ha! 

Luckily that was a extremely small section of parade goers. The hundreds or thousands of people waving and hollering along with us were full of nothing buy love. If you’re ever feeling sad find a pride parade to march in and your spirits will soar!


I met some wonderful people including a recently wed couple with their out and proud daughter, and an array of people with different skin colors, ages, and shapes. There were churches, marines, and navy personal as well as floats from grocery stores representing equality for LGBTQ! See more at the official website:

It’s not just about dressing up crazy or letting your freak flag fly. The way I see it, Pride is a chance for people to show the world they are equal in deserving legal rights, acceptance, and tolerance. I am so thankful to have grown up in such a diverse family. It hasn’t always been easy and even now at my age I sometimes find it hard to fit in with those who prefer pursuing traditionally conservative roles. Life is great because of diversity, not in spite of that.  If you haven’t marched in a Pride parade I highly recommend the experience.

What are you PROUD of about yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Why is Having Pride Important?”

  1. Yes. Why do so many get up in arms over another having equal rights as them? It makes no sense. Shouldn’t we all want to support each other so that we all have the chance to live a happy and healhty life? Confounding!
    It seems to come along with hate. Why are people so hateful? How do we stop it? The people who are hateful in the name of their “loving” god are even more confounding.


  2. I agree and good for you! After all the 14th amendment (supposedly) guarantees equal rights for all. Not to mention Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, guaranteeing equal rights. Why must society continue to bicker over ‘equal’??


  3. Oddly, the same thing I am proud of about myself is also a source of stress for me. I’m proud of my no-nonsense attitude and that I speak my mind with confidence. These qualities however can create conflict that would not exist if I just kept my mouth shut.


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