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GLOwing with Love: Healing through helping others with Gloria Mengel

G-Lo's T-Hats, Gloria Mengel fundraiser, Tammy Mengel fundraiser
Gloria Mengel

I love to read about people who fight the odds to help themselves and still find time to help others. Two of those people are Tammy and Gloria Mengel. Gloria is a  beautiful 15 year old who has  been through the ringer the past 5 year. She was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008 and has since suffered kidney failure, a stroke, vision loss, respiratory impairment, and hair loss. Tammy is her supportive mother who vigilantly works to protect her daughter.

At my age losing my hair wouldn’t be a big deal. However if I was 15 and losing my hair I would drown in tears of self pity and throw a tantrum of godly proportions. As far as I know, Gloria hasn’t done either! I don’t know anyone who wasn’t concerned about their looks as a teenager(and for me well into my twenties!).  Gloria has been wearing wigs and hats to hide her hair loss, but during warm months and indoors that extra padding can be very uncomfortable. Her loving mother Tammy has created a hat that is comfortable enough to wear when it is warm. They call it the “G-Lo’s T-Hat” and it’s made from a lightweight cotton material. It is handmade in 2 styles,the Chullo and the Beanie, and available in several colors. Gloria wants to donate hats to other children who are surviving cancer.  Tammy hopes to turn the hats into a business so she can continue to stay home with her daughter during this heart wrenching time.

gloria mengel fundraiser, tammy mengel fundraiser, has for cancer patients
G-Lo’s T-Hat

With your help Gloria and her family can create these hats and bring comfort to others while also bringing in much needed income. Check out the Help Glo Give Back project on IndieGoGo.com and take action. There are two ways to help, donate money or share her project with your family and friends.

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