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Who to Protest? When Big Business Doesn’t React Change the Attention to YOUR Government

I like the point about protesting the USDA and the FDA. If big business won’t listen than it is up to our political representatives to listen. After all our officials appoint former chem/agri-execs into offices like the EPA. It’s embarrassing!

“Maybe the next marches need to take place against agencies like the USDA and the FDA – those who have been charged with the responsibility of consumer safety and have blatantly sold out to Big Agri and the biotech industries.” http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/monsanto-concedes-defeat-in-the-face-of-europes-fierce-opposition-to-gmos/46071

I found this article via the New Health Paradigms Blog. There is a lot of empowering information there. Go check it out and see f you want to follow that blogger.


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