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GMO Needs to GO! Food Activists Who Are Protecting Your Health

I have read enough about GMO food to dislike it and even more about Monsanto to despise their company practices. (HELLO Monsanto helped create agent orange which has destroyed so much and so many in Vietnam). GMO’s threaten organic and native crops around the world. It’s akin to planting invasive weeds which as the majority of progressive societies now realize is a bad action. I am disappointed that so many Big Agri businesses are more intent on making a profit instead of providing healthy food. Lucky for the masses of uninformed there are people out there actively protecting every persons right to have healthy food and create a healthy environment for future generations.

I was inspired to write this after reading a great blog Christinageorgedotme.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/saturday-may-25ths-march-against-monsanto-cheerios-and-gmos that asked for information and resources about GMO.

Vandana Shiva is a great activist for healthy agriculture. Hailing from India she has seen first hand the terrible effects that GMO seeds do to native seeds and the toll it takes on farmers. You can decide for yourself at: Foodrenegade.com/vandana-shiva-on-the-dangers-of-gmos/

Here in the USA, there is this 14 year old Birke Baehr who is a food activist and future farmer who figured out that GMO’s are not a great idea. Learn more about this awesome young rold model at: Birkeonthefarm.com/about-birke-baehr.html. You can also read about him and healthy food choices in my book “Fierce” (order it here).

There are still lots of studies to be done on GMO safety, but if it doesn’t look good now I’d wager it isn’t going to suddenly become good for anyone. It doesn’t help that Bill Gates publicly and financially supports GMO’s as the only way to feed the world.  Luckily for us(again) on the opposite spectrum, the UN released a study about how organic food is the only way to feed the world AND have a healthy planet. Read the report here: Srfood.org/images/stories/pdf/officialreports/20110308_a-hrc-16-49_agroecology_en.pdf

Ultimately it is up to you as voters, consumers, tax payers and role models to support and insist on a path towards a healthy world refurbished by sustainable choices or a toxic world fueled by greed.

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