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What Are Your PRIORITIES? How the Pattern of Our Choices Affects The World

A few weeks ago I was getting the brakes on my bike fixed. The guy explained to me how this bike is too small for me. I agree that it is for long rides, but great for going to the store or a 10 mile ride. I replied that it wasn’t something I wanted to add to my budget right now. That’s my way of saying “I am broke”. It sounds better and in a way it is true.What he said in reply was one of those Aha! moments. He said that decision is more about my priorities. Well darn if he isn’t right!  We choose one thing over another based on what we see as a priority.  It seems like a lot of our world is choosing priorities that are mostly about instant gratification and the latest trends as opposed to sustainable healthy choices. Now I am far from perfect, but I have learned quite a lot about how our world works and this blog is about sharing that knowledge.

healthy snacking, organic veggie chips, organic snacks, snacks for kids
All organic snack: Radish and carrot “chips” with guacamole and garlic dip.

Today, I thought about priorities as I prepared a snack.

I wanted a flavorful easy snack, but nothing processed or fried even if it was organic. So I cut up some radishes and carrots into “chips” and dipped those in guacamole and garlic dip. It would have been easier to grab some chips for the dips, but I am trying to keep my priorities in line with what really resonates with my ideals and ethics. A major priority of mine these days is to treat my body with the respect it needs to live a long healthy life. Living on a very small income, I choose to sacrifice(not always wisely) so that I can have what feels right as opposed to what is easy. What I eat has so many impacts from my own health, to the energy used to ship it, to the farmers, the health of other people, and the planet itself.  Expanding your own knowledge about food is just one of many topics I bring up in my book, Fierce (order it here). Our food system affects every human on the planet. My mind was advising me to choose food that was good for the world and for my body while my taste buds wanted flavor. My mind won and i got the flavor too!  How often do you priorities change to accommodate your situation?

  • Do you choose shiny and NEW, but not-necessary products over quality and sustainability? Then, do you complain about your empty wallet or pollution from manufacturing and shipping? If so, your priorities are not resonating with your ideals.
  • Do you go on spending sprees with each new bonus or tax refund? Do you buy your kids lots of new stuff so they can have what you didn’t? Then do you complain about not having enough the next month? Once again your priorities are not resonating with your ideals.
  • Do you consume junk food and share with your kids? Do you tell them it’s okay once in a while like every Friday or every afternoon? Then do you complain that organic food is too expensive or that your kids just won’t eat healthy? There is a pattern emerging here.

Each and every choice we make has a reaction. This is part of  the law of motion in physics.  I thought of ALL this as I was making a simple snack. I constantly THINK about how my actions are affecting  our world. Sometimes I am too lazy or too hungry and convenience wins.  As I said in the beginning I am far from perfect. More and more often I don’t want to take the easy way out. I see how this has changed so many of my choices from as seemingly simple as food to pursuing a career that makes me feel good. It’s not easy, but I do know what my priorities are.

*For more information on considering your food choices or a guide for starting a discussion about food check out my post You Are What You Eat.


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3 thoughts on “What Are Your PRIORITIES? How the Pattern of Our Choices Affects The World”

  1. yes! I had not even thought of that aspect in my comments- so many (including me) have suffered from compulsive shopping in order to feel better. It’s a long struggle to a new way of being (and credit rating 🙂 )


  2. Yes! We must be conscious of how are children copy our actions. My mom wasn’t a big shopper, but I was inundated with materialistic ads and desperately needed to be liked by my peers. So I spent many years and ruined my credit buying the newest and shiniest that I couldn’t really afford. Thankfully my mom’s presence and life educated me to eventually stop my materialistic, anti-environmentalist ways.


  3. Like the point here about purchasing bright, new objects. It’s such an easy pattern to fall into- especially with children (which teaches them all the wrong messages).


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