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Celebrating ALL Mothers – Guardians, Step-Parents, Grandmothers, Aunts, Foster Parents, and Dad’s too!

I am one of those lucky enough to have an amazing mother whose actions and words never had me doubting her love.  In this world, that right there makes me far better off than any Millionaire, Billionaire, Idolized Celebrity, or Youthful Heir.  Love may not be all we need, but it is the foundation for all we achieve.  Whether your “mother” is female, male, or even related, if that person loved you than make sure you let them know more than once a year. I have seen many different mothers out there that did not give birth to their child(ren), but loved an cared for them as if they had. In the spirit of Mothers Day here are two posts I want to share with you. Enjoy!

Happy MOTHERING Day from a Step-parent!  “MOTHER-ing Day I am the verb of “Mother”, Not the noun. I am the action, the do-er, The think-er, the creat-er I am not…” finish the poem and read the post at http://kimberlyharding.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/what-we-should-be-celebrating-on-mothers-day

What we see depends on our individual experiences.  In this post a woman shares a memory when her mother visited her English class in High School. http://warnerwriting.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/what-we-see/

If you found a great article or photo about celebrating motherhood please leave a link to that in a comment below.  Thanks!

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