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Book Marketing Idea: Hosting a Readathon!

Most days I have no idea what I am doing and not just in regards to marketing my books.  On the days when I do, life just sparkles. I had one of the most insufferable and stressful days on Tuesday. I kept telling myself to shake it off with no success. Wednesday was so much better. I SOLD A BOOK!  Even though it’s only a profit of small change, that MADE MY DAY! It was enough to lift my mood and the rest of the day was a breeze. This was especially true when  compared to the day before.

My goal is to sell 10,000 books in a year so I continue to market with quirky ideas that seem to have a minimal impact, but are doing a great job of increasing the popularity of my books. In the spirit of selling 10,00o copies, one of my goals is to have 10,000 reads of my books. Since they are free to read online this should be a piece of cake. Right?

What do YOU think of this idea?


Join my Readathon!


4 thoughts on “Book Marketing Idea: Hosting a Readathon!”

  1. I joined your facebook page and guess what? I told my friends to join too. All the best to you, Ma’am ! 😀

    You WILL get 10 thousand online reads !


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