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UP TO YOU: A call to action and a book marketing plan

With the publication of my latest book,  “How Will You Create Positive Change?”, I have created an initiative to encourage community volunteerism and maybe even sell some books along the way.  It is called Up To You, because we each have to BE the change we want to see and it really is up to us. Volunteering is an easy way to create a better world which includes safer and healthier communities for ourselves and our families.

So far, I have a logo, a Facebook page, and a marketing plan already done. I am asking all 16 of the featured people in this book to create a short video about their work and this initiative. I am creating banner ads, sending out press releases, and soon will print some shirts with the logo (below) to giveaway. The logo is an arrow for UP, a peace sign for TO(two) and a U for you.  I love this logo. It’s now in the top ten of my designs.

changeisup2u, up to you, volunteerism

volunteer organization, local volunteer opportunities

The Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/changeisup2u

I started volunteering in college and love to see the rewards of helping and supporting my community.  It also happens to be a good way of making friends and networking. This ability to help without expectations of return is a wonderful aspect of life. I believe we are ALL capable of it. Even the monsters of my past have done amazingly kind acts for others. Don’t bother trying to convince me that anyone is incapable of volunteering. They may not be willing, but that’s a different story.


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