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April Showers of Good News.

I was over the moon this afternoon when I received an email from my self publishing company Bookemon.  They alerted me that my book was featured on the home page website. This may not be the NY Times bestseller list, but right now at this point in my life it holds the same esteem. Below is one of my most favorite emails of all time.

“Congratulations! Your book “How Will You Create Positive Change” has been selected as one of our featured books at Bookemon. Show where your book is featured with your family and friends using this link: 

I hope this brings those of you who are striking out on your own new career adventure some renewed optimism for success. It’s rough being small time, but it’s wonderful following your passion.

PS. If you want to shoe some love, you can pass on the links above or purchase one of my books.

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