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Solar Communities, Fix It Yourself Classes, Birdbrains, Conscious Capitilsm, and Our Next Steps

I have found some intriguing articles about science, progress, and actions people are taking to move our world forward in a positive direction. Change is as inevitable as breathing.  It is what we all rely on to grow and enjoy life. It can be scary, but once we adapt it is often amazing. I love reading about science because there are so many possibilities when new discoveries are made.

Community Electricity Gardens? Electricity co-ops are nothing new and are a great way to create a more involved community.  Change the electricity from coal to a sustainable source and you get the added benefit of helping the planet. Like community gardens, a community solar garden is goof fr everyone.  Colorado is building a second community solar garden to meet the electric needs of a growing population after the success of their first one last year.  SunShare is the first municipal utility in the USA to create one. Check out this article and video: Colorado Connection website.

Wait! Don’t throw that away.  Do you ever get tired of hearing about toxic and leaky landfills? Or do you just feel guilty buying things that you know will break and add to our piles of litter?  Peter Mui started free clinics to teach people how to fix instead of toss. Read the article: SierraClub.org/sierra/201301/act-fixit-clinic-300.aspx

Who are you calling a Birdbrain? That might not be an insult if you have great musical talent. Scientists are studying the link between language and song in humans and birds.  By learning about language evolution research can be done on how and why speech disorders happen. Potentially this reaseach could be used to cure disorders in humans.  Read the full article: ScienceNews.org/view/generic/id/348340/description/Bird_human_tweets_come_from_similar_parts_of_the_brain

Materialism is a big pet peeve of mind.  I used to love shopping. As a child growing up poor and wanting things it took me years to break my habit of shopping for either fun with friends or to fill that empty feeling in my gut. There is nothing wrong with wanting for ourselves or buying gifts for other. However with the rise of mass production we have become more focused on how many shiny new things we can have at the cost of environmental destruction. I believe that if humans insist on consuming material objects we should do so as responsibly as possible.  It is very easy to shop for gifts that are healthy for the environment and or give back to help others..

The first article is focused on eco-conscious gifts for a greener world: GreenGiftsGuide.com/gifts-give-back-to-the-environment/

The second article are socially conscious gifts for a better world: Cnn.com/2013/02/13/world/iyw-social-entreprenuers

It’s not all bad news and we can make it better! Joe Lauer has compiled a list of 10 ways humans are working to make our planet cleaner.  With each success he shares the next step to take for continued success. Greenopolis.com/goblog/joe-laur/top-10-environmental-success-stories-and-10-future-challenges

 What science or progress news stories are most interesting to you?

Do you know a great article or video that you can share in a comment below?


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