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What are colleges doing to protect and educate students on safety?

I just read this wonderful article for students, administration, and parents to read about safety on college campuses. In every self defense class I teach my message is “Be aware, but don’t live in fear.” We all must be proactive in protecting ourselves. College is a fun age to party and enjoy life, but I would like to see more administrations teaching and supporting safety for all students.

One in four women will be raped in college. We have seen the news reports of gunfire and death on college campuses. It is time for all schools to be proactive in teaching safety to the students, staff, and the parents of students. Check out this article on the Lifestyle 30 blog and PASS IT ON!


Be Aware. Don't Live in Fear



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3 thoughts on “What are colleges doing to protect and educate students on safety?”

  1. Thank you. For so long I lived terrified from all the negativity I was aware of. It is not a healthy or enjoyable way to live. My life has been so much better since I took my own advice. 🙂


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