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How To Spot a Feminist

I cringe every time I read about some female celebrity who says they want equal rights, but are not a feminist. Ha! Have they been brainwashed as to believe the F word is somehow offensive?  It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad world for sure. So for anyone who is still confused about what a feminist is here is a list so you can tell whether or not someone is a feminist.

  • Their skin color is brown/yellow/black/tan/white/beige/ any color.
  • The shape of their eyes is small/slanted/wide/round/uneven/or any other shape.
  • They do OR don’t shave their legs/arm pits/mustaches/or any hair on their body.
  • Their sexuality is LGBTQ/heterosexual/anything they desire.
  • They have a vagina/penis/neither.
  • They wear mini skirts/high fashion/long dresses/trendy shoes/combat boots/jewelry/makeup or nothing.
  • They want a paycheck that is equal to any man’s paycheck for the same job.
  • They believe all women should have access to birth control
  • They may or may not be pro abortion. (This can be argued many ways depending on the person. Impower You is of course Pro-Abortion/Pro-Choice)
  • They believe women and men should both be treated equal despite biological differences.
  • They know that neither women nor men are better than the other.
  • They don’t refer to other women as slut/bitch/ho/or any other demeaning reference. (Some of us slip up now and the, but we try to be conscious of our words).
  • They never EVER blame the victim in any case of rape/molestation/sexual assault/attack .

There may be some traits missing in this list. HOW ELSE CAN YOU SPOT A FEMINIST?  Leave a comment below. Keep it respectful or your comment won’t be published.

6 thoughts on “How To Spot a Feminist”

  1. Excellent. Love this.

    I remember wondering if I’m a feminist when I cringe at the obvious. I now say I’m a supporter of equal rights, and that encompasses a LOT of lables people have ready out there, to stick to you.


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