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What is Your Story?

My friend Al Bagocius asked a great question on his blog today. He was kind enough to share with his audience, my recent accomplishment of publishing two new books. And he asked a great question.

What would be your message to the world if you were to write a book?

 There are so many amazing stories just waiting to be told. With the ease of self publishing any of us can share ours. Think of the people you can inspire, help or educate. Writing my first book, “I Am More Than Just a Girl” filled me with such a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that I didn’t know writing another book could feel even more amazing.

That is exactly what happened when I published my book “You Can Fight Back, Emotional and Physical Self Defense”. There are of course other books on physical or emotional self-defense, but hardly any that conjoin the two subjects.  Telling about my own personal experiences with violence and how I overcame that was liberating. I have often wanted to help others feel like they could survive violence and stand up to bullies. Becoming a certified self-defense instructor was a start and writing this book was the next step.

It doesn’t end there. Writing also gives me chances to connect with new people, to help those that cannot take a class from me because of their location, and to do something positive in this world. Publishing on Bookemon is an added bonus because my books can be read for free by anyone with an internet connection who understands English. Even though I would love for one of my books to be a best seller,  I don’t write with the intention of selling 10,000 copies. I write with the intention of encouraging independence and sharing resources with others.

 If you have a story to tell than I encourage you to pick up a pen or start typing. You won’t know where it will take you until you take that first step.

A giant THANK YOU to Al and everyone who has been so encouraging. I know that without your support my books would reach fewer people.


These are my two newest books that can be read free online at

You Can Fight Back: Emotional and Physical Self Defense, is a guide for women and teen girls to learn the skills they need to combat emotional and physical abuse. Bullying has become a terrifying part of many lives because many of us are not taught how to prevent violent behavior and stand up for ourselves. In this book you will learn how to use your intuition and become aware of warning signs set the foundation for fighting back.

Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment, encourages young women to ask questions about important issues, learn critical thinking, solve problems, and create positive change in their lives and their communities. The resources provide the tools to make choices that resonate with individual beliefs so as to take control of our own lives.

 What would be your message to the world if you were to write a book?

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