Inspiration From Bad Role Models

One again I have been inspired by bad role models. There are so many terribly rude, ignorant, nasty, crass, immoral, greedy people who our culture celebrates for profit.  I don’t want my nieces and nephews and my own future children to grow up idealizing reality tv stars, greedy politicians, unsustainable industry greed-mongers, and millionaire trust fund kids. I don’t want them thinking success is all about looking airbrushed, skinny, and being able to sing or act. Yes entertainment is a wonderful part of life that we need and many entertainers are wonderful role models that use their fame for good. I love that part of celebrity culture,  but I still want future generations to grow up with a wide variety or good role models. They should have this insatiable appetite to cure AIDS or cancer, save the planet, invent clean energy, alleviate poverty, end violence in their communities,  or teach respect and tolerance.  Their idea of success should not be to make the most money, but to make the most positive change. So I am collecting interviews with people who are doing this and I am asking for your help to share your story OR spread the word.

The goal of this book is to share new role models that are not actors or athletes. It will feature everyday smart working role models that are breaking into new industries, such as women in science, and both women and men who are creating positive social change. It will be fairly simple and straightforward with an optimistic tilt that we are all capable of following our dreams. My goal is to have 100 role models featured in the book. It will be free to read on Bookemon.com(just like my other books are) and each interview will be posted on ImpowerYou.org.

If you have any suggestions of others that might be interested in sharing their story I am looking for women and men who are working on the following issues:
Environmental sustainability and clean up
Violence prevention
Poverty alleviation
Peace(ending war, nuclear disarmament)
Health(sex education, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, body image)
LGBTQ equality
Racial equality
Women’s equality
Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault
Programs that encourage boys and men to treat women respectfully.

I also want to interview women who are successful in the following fields: STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), journalism, media and arts, politics, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

Use the Contact Us page if you would like to be interviewed for this book or to send an email for someone who should be interviewed.

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