Empowering Discussions

Validating Another Persons Emotions

This article I am sharing “How To Plant The Seed Of Self-Acceptance In Your Child” was written for parents and caregivers of children, but I think we can all use a reminder of how important it is to be aware and give credit to other people’s emotions.  Especially now in a season of mudslinging and political rifts, we should all be mature enough to realize that disagreeing and arguing is fine, but let’s not be a complete a**hole and say that someone is wrong for what they feel. Don’t disregard what someone else feels because it is contradictory to what you know. Keep in mind the saying of how you don’t know someone until you walk in their shoes.

planting a seed, teaching childrenSome of the great advice in this article is to listen to the opposing view, ask questions, and not be close minded. After you have listened to the other person than you may share your own knowledge, but don’t have expectations of automatic concession. We educate by sharing knowledge, not by asking others to blindly believe. It also goes both ways. You never know what you might learn. Empower yourself by holding your mind and heart open.


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