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Deaf Poetry Jam – Speechless

Yes, you can be deaf, and even mute, and be in a poetry jam. I am constantly amazed at the innovative people in this world that do what seems impossible or never even crosses my mind. Aside from a few people I have met, my experiences with deafness is my sister learning sign language as a teenager, my friend in college studying ASL, and reading biographies about Hellen Keller. While researching women who make a difference I found this preview for a movie on PBS about young people who are deaf and how they became part of a poetry jam/slam contest.

We all think of entertainment as having lots of noise, but think about back in the day when movies first came out. Those were SILENT. You laughed or cried because of the actors facial expressions and body language. Deaf and mute does not decide whether or not you can “speak out” and express yourself. If you know someone who is deaf or has a deaf child, friend, or acquaintance share this video with them. Show that you understand deaf people can be heard.

  • Get involved at Ohsoez.com/Events and find events in your local deaf community that you can be involved with.


2 thoughts on “Deaf Poetry Jam – Speechless”

  1. You’re welcome. Thank you for sharing your story. That is so smart. I often think of how much better my Spanish could be since I live so close to Mexico, but it hardly crosses my mind about what I would do if I needed to help someone who was deaf or mute.


  2. Leah, this is fantastic. I recently had an instructor who signs. She isn’t deaf, but learned to sign so she could provide emergency care to those who are deaf. She signed as she spoke during the class and I was moved and inspired and very impressed by this woman who is a great-grandmother, EMT instructor, Red Cross leader and one smart lady. Thanks for sharing this.


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