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So You Have a Deaf Child?

It is not easy to be deaf and not easy to have a deaf child, but it is important to remember that deaf is not a “bad” or “dumb” aspect, just like being blind, in a wheel chair or missing an appendage does not make someone dumb.  Dumb is thinking that you are better than someone else because they are handicapped. Dumb is thinking that you cannot give your child a wonderful life.

There is a video called “To Educate Hearing Parents of Deaf Child on YouTube. It was created by a young woman who is a college graduate and model that happens to be deaf.  Her advice for parents is simple: Show lots of love, learn sign language to communicate, be involved with your child’s deaf community, treat your child normal, and trust your heart. Here is the video:

FYI: I recently learned that it is not politically correct (PC) to call someone  “differently abled”.  According to Urban Dictionary and several other websites and blogs, this word is an insult.  So use specific words like blind, deaf, paraplegic, quadriplegic or if you don’t know one and you must describe their differences from what you  consider “normal” use disabled.

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