Change Makers Apply Here!

Are you a change maker who wants to share your story so you can inspire others?  Have you overcome abuse, violence or a failed system?  Have you improved your community despite numerous obstacles?  This is your chance to share what positive changes you have made so that others can follow in your footsteps.

Leave a comment or send a message on the Contact Us page. If you know someone who would be a great fit send this link to them today.

  • Your story must tell the what, why, and how you overcame your bad situation. It must contain a sort of blueprint so that when others read it they will be able to use your experience as a tool to improve their own life or community.
  • Non-Fiction only! Fictitious stories will not be considered. Your story needs a photo too.  It can be of you/example of your work/community photos  or one that you designed to illustrate your experiences and anything else that shows what you went through.
  • Grammar is important.  If you send in a story with poor grammar it will not be considered. Stories must be in English.  A misspelled word is fine, but a lot of bad grammar will automatically void your submission.
  • Important Issues: Everybody has a story that matters, but we cannot publish everything.  Below are suggested issues.
  1. Overcoming physical, emotional, and sexual abuse or crime.
  2. Overcoming gangs, pollution, or corruption in your community.
  3. Overcome poverty, migration, racial, sexual, gender, or cultural prejudices.
  4. Activism for the environment, politics, human rights and freedom of speech.

All stories will be reviewed prior to publication and not all stories will make the cut.  Below are the guidelines for submission.

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