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A Guide For My Son

Dear Son, You are an amazingly talented and loving boy who will grow up to be a strong, altruistic man. The world will give you so many conflicting ideas of what you should be, what you should want and how you should act.  I wrote this guide for you. When you are in doubt, when you are in pain and when you are at a crossroads, remember this. Decide for yourself which if any to follow and keep moving forward. (see also – A Guide For My Daughter)

1) I have a right to change my mind at any point in any situation. Whether because I am scared or uncomfortable, if something feels wrong or I am no longer able.

2) I will not allow anyone to turn me into a victim. I am a survivor who will always look after myself first.

3) If I am physically assaulted, I will fight back with every ounce of my strength.  I will look my attacker in the face so I can report them to the authorities.

4) If I am emotionally assaulted, I will choose to either look my attacker in the face and inform them their behavior is unacceptable or I will ignore their words and walk away standing tall.

5) If my date, partner or anyone says they do NOT want to have sex, I will respect those words and stop. I will NEVER rape or sexually assault anyone.

6) I will help people by teaching not preaching.

7) I will treat everyone I meet with respect and will not judge based upon gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, place of birth, physical appearance, or economic class.

8) I know that I am strong, smart, handsome, and capable.

9) I will learn from my mistakes. I will not call myself stupid when I fail. I will pick myself up and move forward.

10) I will strive for my best and not compare myself to others nor they to me.

11) I will love my body. It is the only one I have. I will not fall for a socially accepted idea of what a man should look like.

12) I will be involved in my community and always vote.

13) I will not be defined by the labels of others, society, or authority.

14) I will create my own opinions, live by my own creed, and act upon my own morals.

What Guidelines Will You Pass On To Your Son?

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