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Haifaa – Fighter

This is wonderful news about Saudi Arabia’s first recognized female director. Haifaa al-Mansour directed the movie Wadjda, a story about a independent young women who learns how to work the gender biased system to get what she needs. Haifaa studied comparative literature at the American University in Cairo and was encouraged by her father who introduced her to videos due to the lack of movie theaters in SA.

I like her quote about inequality.  “It is not like before, although I can’t say it’s like heaven. Society won’t just accept it, people will put pressure on women to stay home, but we have to fight.”  Because we CAN fight for equality as well as any man, we just have to be willing and unafraid.

Be encouraged about whatever cause you are fighting for. Read the article about her that is on Trust Law: http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/news/female-saudi-film-director-breaks-taboos-in-venice/



Haifaa poses with the young actress in her film Wadjda, along with a green bicycle, which is part of the plot.

3 thoughts on “Haifaa – Fighter”

  1. The younger women I worked with there would love this. I had some who wanted to come back to America with me, marry my son, etc. They just wanted out to see a different world with so many of us immigrating to their country to work. They’re becoming more curious about the outside world and that’s only natural.

    The old heads will fight it. Some parts of the culture is worth preseserving, so it’s tough to allow some things in without a lot not so good elements trickling in as well.


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