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Science can be done by ANYONE!

Personally, I don’t get enough science in my day. What about you?  Here are videos my former science teacher, Caren Kershner, shared with me. Each one are examples of LEARNING that is fun. After you enjoy these videos, pass this post along to someone else. 



Science is an important part of progress.  So go out there and learn why you still can. Instill a positive environment for children to pursue scientific research.  It helps us all!

4 thoughts on “Science can be done by ANYONE!”

  1. Funny. I know lots of other scientists, but like the cartoon suggest she is the one who was the most talked about in books and thus the first female scientist I remember learning about. What I like was that even though she worked with her husband, she was still celebrated and not just as his assistant. I HOPE that text books have changed since then.
    When I read about the Google Science fair and the 3 main winners were all girls I almost screamed I was so happy.


  2. I had a Junior HS teacher demonstrate cracking water into oxygen and hydrogen. He’d fill a test tube of hydrogen and then light it off with a Bunsen burner lighter. It made a nice little pop. Then he decided to fill a beaker; something he’d never tried before. The resulting BOOM surprised him as much as us!

    Do you know of the xkcd comic? Any science fan should. You might especially like the Marie Curie one. (If you are new to xkcd, be sure to hover over the image. There’s a secondary punchline in the popup.)


  3. Me too. I keep in touch with my former high school science teacher because she STILL teaches me stuff. I love how I can see science everywhere and that even though I am not in chemistry class anymore I still search out information and experiments to try with kids. Marie Curie and Bill Nye are two of my idols.


  4. Huge science geek here, so I’ve gotten as much as I could all my life. I wish others understood how much fun it really is to learn, so brava on the post!!


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