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What If Men…

I love this photo.  Since men are the majority of politicians and for some insane reason get a say in women’s rights,  it makes sense to get them involved in the realities of reproductive rights.  What if there is not easy access to contraceptives? Than women will get pregnant a lot more often and men will have to pay child support, medical bills for children until they turn 18(at least), educational expenses and everything else that comes along with having a child.   What if you had to deal with daily childcare, custody battles, messy divorces, child support, or having some kid find you twenty years later and thus pissing off your current girlfriend or wife?  


If you block women’s human right to control her body than be prepared to pay BIG! 

Pass this on to your brothers, cousins, uncles, nephews and friends.

4 thoughts on “What If Men…”

  1. For sure. It takes women AND men to have a respectfully equal society and I think if men had to deal with more childcare that would even things out much more.


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