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Supporting Other Authors Makes Me Smile

Supporting other authors makes my day. I am proud to be a small dollar philanthropist.

Lachrista Greco is an author and recent grad student in Chicago and is publishing an anthology of Italian American Women writers.  I know how hard it is to self publish a book, so I donated $5 to her campaign. Please check it out and consider supporting her with $1 or donate services.

My IndieGoGo campaign went live today! As you may know, I am trying to finish and publish an anthology of Italian American women writers on feminism, activism, body image, culture/ethnicity, sex and sexuality.

If this project speaks to you in any way (or if you think it will to someone else), please contribute what you can!

2 thoughts on “Supporting Other Authors Makes Me Smile”

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing my post! I just want to say that my name is spelled like this: “Lachrista Greco”–no capital “c”.

    Also, I’m not a recent grad student–I received my MA in 2010 🙂



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