Supporting Other Authors Makes Me Smile

Supporting other authors makes my day. I am proud to be a small dollar philanthropist.

Lachrista Greco is an author and recent grad student in Chicago and is publishing an anthology of Italian American Women writers.  I know how hard it is to self publish a book, so I donated $5 to her campaign. Please check it out and consider supporting her with $1 or donate services.

My IndieGoGo campaign went live today! As you may know, I am trying to finish and publish an anthology of Italian American women writers on feminism, activism, body image, culture/ethnicity, sex and sexuality.

If this project speaks to you in any way (or if you think it will to someone else), please contribute what you can!


  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing my post! I just want to say that my name is spelled like this: “Lachrista Greco”–no capital “c”.

    Also, I’m not a recent grad student–I received my MA in 2010 🙂



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