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Call to Action: Mr. Hateful

This is really sick stuff from Mr. Charles Worley, who is a nasty, hateful man. He hates people whose sexual orientation is different than his. He wants to put anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay or trans in a giant fenced off area, drop food in there and wait for them to die since they cannot reproduce. It’s not quite the holocaust, but pretty close. His parish supports him. I would love to see this church close down from all the pressure from all of us who are tolerant.

You can call or send an email or letter to Providence Church in Maiden, NC and tell them how offended you are. Heck, the crazy people do it all the time to abortion clinics and the KKK used to do it to our dark skinned neighbors. Call them up until they close down and stop spreading their hate. You can also flood their email with letters to have them stop spouting hate an violence.

Write: Mr. Charles Worley (AKA Mr. Hateful)
3283 Providence Mill Road Maiden, NC 28650
Call: (828) 428-2518 Email:

Read the article here:

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4 thoughts on “Call to Action: Mr. Hateful”

  1. Such a strange lack of critical thinking. I am not sure why fencing in homosexuals would stop homosexuality from developing. Unless my knowledge is wrong, all homosexuals have been conceived through a heterosexual union- perhaps that should be fenced off and prevented.


  2. I agree. You would think that these “Christians” would be more interested in healing the sick and helping the needy than judging and spreading hate. But I suppose that is the thing that I personally dislike about religion, this side of hate and judgment that only makes the world worse.


  3. I really dont understand people like Mr.Hateful
    with the entire world plagued by rasicm,road rage,literacy rates dropping,women abuse on highest,drugs and guns as easily available as vegetables,wars,terrorism and you name it
    and the only thing that disturbs them is some one being Gay!


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