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Book Review: Red Flags

The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags

I LOVED reading this book. It is funny and spot on. If you are in a relationship read this NOW!   If you not in a relationship,but might want one someday read this NOW!

There’s so many great flags, that I cannot remember them all.  I also love the funny stories that people have shared.

  • If they mess with your mind, they are an asshole.
  • If someone says they are not ready to settle down, don’t waste your time. They may never be.
  • If someone is part of a family that treat each other like shit, they will treat you like shit.
  • If you have a one night stand/hookup/ sex with someone you don’t already know or barely know they are not looking for anything serious. Do not stick around in the morning.
  • If someone is a jerk, you are not going to be the one to change them. That is an inside job.
Do any of those points sound like your relationships? If so read the darn book and read it NOW!

WHAT IS A RED FLAG THAT YOU CAN SHARE? Leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Red Flags”

  1. Thanks. I am going to try and share a new book each week. I read so many great books that I want to share. You are a good friend to share this with her. We all need a little support and advice sometimes.


  2. Great post! I love your different book recommendations! I think I may get this one for my friend who is going through a lot of guys right now and they’re all douche bags! These red flags are the same ones I’m always trying to point out to her.


  3. Ha! I loved this book, but the whole time I kept thinking of all the friends I have had who constantly ignored the same signs or thought they would be the one to change their partner. I want to give this book to everyone I know and have it as required reading in every school!


  4. YAY! That is good to hear. I won’t settle for anyone who treats me or others like crap. I have high standards for all my relationships and I am so happy you also do. 🙂


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