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A Yardstick of Quality

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”  Steve Jobs,  Apple Computers.

This quote sticks with me because it rings so true. I see so many people living in ignorance and poverty because the only excellence they see is the pretend world of movies and TV.   How do some rise above this attitude and “move up”  out of ghettos and abuse when others never try?

People are a riddle to me and knowing that is what keeps me from getting mad at every little bad pass, rude remark or angry confrontation.  How can you judge someone who has had a completely different story as yourself?  The next time you get mad because someone is slacking off or repeatedly being a jerk consider the possibility that is they way they were raised. Then you can decide whether to give them tools to better themselves or to simply walk away.

It is always YOUR choice to excel. What length of quality will YOU be?


6 thoughts on “A Yardstick of Quality”

  1. This is a wonderful quote and a very good post because as you said, we don’t know the other person’s story and why they act the way they do. It’s so important to take that next step and the next and the next and move forward with gratitude.


  2. Our lives are ours to create. What ever we have is ours. Thats why I think regardless of anyone’s situations being grateful is important. We have the power to change our obstacles into opportunities if we want, that is a blessing. If we just become jaded and say life has been cruel to me we can never be the masters of our lives. Some of the greatest people in history came about without money, education, or opportunities. Out of nothing they created something, that is the power all human beings possess.


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