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Final Week to Give a Book

YOU can empower young women.  Why is that important? Why should you care?    Because we all deserve to know that we are capable, beautiful and accepted.  When we empower just one young women she has a ripple effect on her community. She betters her community by becoming a productive citizen and not just another statistic collecting welfare. We can empower women to not be victims, to be financially independent and to be tolerant of others. Because young women grow up to be moms, employees, volunteers, neighbors and friends. Not every young woman has a positive role model to support them. This is where YOU come in. You can give a young women this book, I Am More Than Just a Girl and change the direction of their life.

We are at the wonderful amount of $560 towards publishing hundreds of books (I Am More Than Just a Girl) that will be given to young women and youth organizations across the USA. THANK YOU!  So many of you wonderful readers have been supporting my campaign and taking the time to encourage others to support it as well.  I could not reach this many people on my own.  Because of YOU many young women will have a chance to get more from life.  After this fundraiser is completed I will give you updates about the book, who has a copy and what young women who read it are saying.  I want you to see that you did not just support a fundraiser, but real people who will benefit from your gift of this book. The last day of this fundraiser is Monday, April 2nd.  I can hardly believe it has been a whole month!  WOW!

There is still time to donate and share this book with your family and friends. Remember that even $5 can make a difference.  If you don’t have five dollars, how about investing one dollar and asking four of your friends to invest one dollar as well? This is a great way to work together and make a difference with people you respect and love.

Visit and click on the yellow ‘Give’ button. You can then pay with a credit card or PayPal.

MEET THE SPONSORS:  $10 from Jennifer W., $50 from 1 Solution Focused Coaching, $50 from Grace A.,$10 from Kenneth W., $10 from Andra M., $10 from Russell A., $30 from Club Soda, $5 from Mariella Rocha Jewelry$20 fromYour Everything Services, $5 from Zahira Tiara S., $20 from Danna D., $10 from Jasmine G., $100 from Lynda P., $10 from Brenda M., $50 from Vicki D., $5 from Gorgeousocity$160 from me, the author.

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