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Say What?

I do, I don’t, I will, I won’t, Yes, No….. This contradiction is a major reason people are not interested in politics. There is no trust in politics when our leaders act this way. So many politicians say one thing and then destroy what they said by saying something completely different. Yes people are allowed to change thier mind, but not at this rate and not on such important issues.

Telling women they are second class citizens hurts men as well. We all suffer when some of us are oppressed. Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is doing just this. By trying to make peace he is going down a road that will only cause more inequality, more violence, more unhappiness, more wars. It is time for our politicians to stick to what they promise and stop caving in to those who wish to oppress condemn and put down. We will not have peace until we can accept everyone as equal of love and respect.

Read the article in the Telegraph about how equal rights are being belittled in Afghanistan:


How do you feel about politicians that create such contradictions?

2 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. Politicians are supposed to speak on behalf of the people they represent. If our politicians were smart, they’d remember that those people make up men, women, children (who cares if they can’t vote; they have voices), the elderly, the sick, the disabled… Their words would encompass, naturally, the needs and equality of all of us. Unfortunately, in this country, they speak on behalf of their own agendas. That’s where their double-speak and contradictory ideas are born because they manipulate from the beginning and lose sight of the people and then do a back track if they’re called out on their errors and lack of insight. We simply need smarter, more empathetic politicians. We need bold leaders.


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