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Oh Blanca!

Blanca Vergara is one of my favorite entrepreneurs. She focuses on the “heart centered” economy instead of one based on greed and power. If you are just getting by and want to replace that with passion for your business this blog is for you.

She is an entrepreneur, author speaker and mom. She holds an MBA, is a certified coach and is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. She quit her high paying position at a global company to create a career where her focus is to first be happy and second create profit. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has helped me realize that my true career is writing, art and empowering others.  If you want a business that is full of honesty, authenticity, transparency, integrity and empathy check her out and subscribe to her blog. I hope you get as much from Blanca as I have. She has a lot of knowledge to share.

She has joined the 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge to empower young women with her post, http://www.blancavergara.com/morethanjustagirl/ Please stop by and leave her a thank you comment for empowering young women.

If you want to join the challenge click on the banner ad ion the right sidebar of my blog.


2 thoughts on “Oh Blanca!”

  1. Her exuberance is very contagious. She interviewed me years ago about my grant program for women business owners. This was in her Change Agents series. I really am glad I met Blanca.


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