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WooHoo for the #5!

I love the #5 because Scully@Large is the 5th blogger to join my blograiser challenge.  Also with two more 0’s after 5 we will have reached 500!

If you are interested in a fresh view on politics as well as need some inspiration than Scully is for you!  One of my favorite inspirational posts from Scully is about the possibilities life has to offer everyone. My favorite quote from this post is  “Don’t be so zealous that you forget to do the little things that will make accomplishing the big things as special as you want them to be.” Because I think everyone can see how easy that is to do. We get so caught up in being the best and fulfilling our dreams that we can forget the little joys that make each day brighter, even the days where we fail.

After you have read the blog, you can subscribe to it in the sidebar area.  This is the easiest way to keep track of your favorite blogs.

Thank you for joining our challenge Sully and helping to empower young women along the way. You rock!


Can you help us get to 500 and join our blograiser? You will also be part of our goal of empowering young women with resources and information. Check out this post for more information:

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