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Bookend- What your teens are reading

A great big SHOUT OUT to Dani at the blog, Bookend: A Teen Book Review Blog. She posted a wonderful review of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl.

On Bookend you will find a varied selection of great reads for middle school on up. She doesn’t just blog about teen romance, her topics range from humor and friendship to thrillers and politics. There are some that even adults will enjoy. The reviews are well written and comprehensive. There are several books she has reviewed that I recommended to my niece and my roommates daughter.

Dani herself aspires to be a published novelist in the future, so keep an eye on this blog.

YAY!This puts us at 4 blog posts about “I Am More Than Just a Girl” Can you help us get to 500 and join our blograiser? Check out this post for more information:

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