Another happy update about my BOOK!

You know how much I love my book, but you don’t know how hard it is to market my love! I spend some amount of time finding relevant places where I can market it. Luckily, a while back I learned the secret of reciprocal links. Not only does this allow me to network with like minded people, but I get free marketing and also a good resource for visitors of my website.

One of my “friends” is Suzanne Player of Amazing Wiz Kids. This is really cool educational toy company that I was lucky to find online.

We talked and decided that we were definitely compatible for swapping links. We both want to offer products and services that empower others and create a more educated world.

You can see the link to my book on her page here:

Likewise, I have added a link to her site on my page here:

Working together is the best way to move your business forward. I am so excited to be partnering with Suzanne and looking forward to other really cool partners that I can add to my site for you, the readers!



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