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That is not me

Your actions toward me are ugly, but I am not.

The words you throw at me are stupid, but I am not.

You are mean, but not because of me. I did not make you that way. Someone else taught you to be horrible.

I was taught to be kind and to love. After so much time in your company I have become careless and pushed love away.

I cannot stay with you. I will not stay with you. I don’t want to become like you.

I cannot change you and make you be nice to me or to anyone else. If you want to be nice you can. If you want your actions to be substantial than make an effort. If you want to share smart words than that is your decision.

I am substantial, I am smart. I can love. I choose to be this way.

I am not asking you to leave. I am kicking you out of my life.

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