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won’t let go

Won’t and Can’t are so different. I could let go of you, but I choose not too. For that small amount of time when we were together I was happy. This wasn’t the usual excited, hyper happy feeling I get that tends to fade so quick. No, this was a calm contented happy that I still think of and smile. That is exactly why I won’t let you go. You were warm when I was cold. You didn’t have to stay and I was sure you wouldn’t when I asked, but oh how I hoped for a yes!
There is no regret here, no bad memories, no sadness like before. The feeling you gave to me is a gift I reuse to lose. It feels me with hope that I can have that happy again. I know it won’t be with you. You are just a memory now, a wonderful memory, but I am no fool. That is all you are.
Thank you so much for this small gift. You don’t know how much it means to me. It feels me with hope, dreams and a unrelenting quest to take as long and travel as far as I need to find that kind of happy again.
You are my saving grace.

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