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Why Give?

I ride the bus and walk down the street and try not to look, but I see them every day. Because NO is a word I cannot say.
Faces full of lines and dirt. Shame and uncertainty grace their lives. They have no worth.

When I look close though, I see something else. A living breathing human being trying walk another mile.
I pass them EVERYDAY. They don’t always ask for money. Sometimes they catch me off guard with a hearty greeting and a smile.

It breaks my heart to see the ones with no hope left. On those you can see the dead in their eyes. Nobody is home. What happened that it became so bad?
Did they become an addict, did society tell them they were worthless, were they beaten by mom or dad?

When you pass them by, do you avert your eyes? When they ask if you have a dollar do you tell them you’re broke or make up lies?

My favorite excuse is when people say if you give them a dollar they will spend it on drugs and booze. We learn to despise people on the street, act like they are pathetic, act like they are meek. I wonder who really is the meek one here. The ones begging for food or the ones with a dollar to spare.

Why do I give? Because of one simple truth. That could easily be me, my family, my friends or you.


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