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Think Like An Entrepreneur

Today I want to share a great book for entrepreneurs.  It is called “Think Like An Entrepreneur: What You Need To Consider Before You Write A Business Plan” by Deborah A. Bailey.  This book contains practical advice from  seventeen successful business owners. Read this book so you “know where to start, gain control over how you think about money so that you can create a profitable business, decide what type of business is right for you, become an entrepreneur at any age or stage of your life.

The author Deborah A. Bailey is a celebrated author and coach who has been a career expert on many tv and raio shows throughout her career. She earned two degrees and worked in the corporate world for several years before starting her own coaching business. In 2011 she was named one f the  25 Career and Women Bloggers Worth Reading by BlogHer.

I contributed advice in the book from what I learned with my first high end clothing business that I successfully operated for 5 years before taking the leap to follow my passion in art and empowerment. You can read part of what I shared in the book below. Then go buy the book on Amazon, at just $3.39, it is a great deal.

What is your advice for someone considering entrepreneurship today?
Go for it, but only if you can create a business around a product or service that you love. Don’t jump into it without research and planning. You will feel more confident and be less stressed if you are knowledgeable about what it takes to
start, grow and maintain a business.

In your opinion, what are the three most important things to do before starting a business?
If I had to pick just three important aspects of starting a business they would be:
1. Have a business plan.
2. Take a course on marketing or read as many books as possible.
3. Find a mentor.
Your business plan doesn’t have to perfect, but writing out your goals and how you will achieve those goals will keep you on track. You may have the best business ever, but if you don’t have a way to reach new customers, you won’t make any money. There are thousands of ways to market a business, but what works for one won’t work for yours. Learn how to create a marketing plan that attracts customers who actually want what you offer. You can learn as much from a book as you can from a class.

What can I say to explain how important it is to have a mentor? I was blessed with a mother who is an entrepreneur. When I actually listed to her, I succeeded. Her advice has been invaluable. Find a mentor that wants you to succeed. Don’t take advice from just anyone. Your mentor should be interested in your business, have experience in that industry and genuinely care whether you succeed or fail. Ask the people you already know if they can recommend a mentor, otherwise you can check with SCORE or your local chamber of commerce to find a mentor.