Coloring Books

I created these coloring books because I love sharing my creations and because coloring can be therapeutic. I’m gifting these for FREE because one of my life goals is to inspire and encourage others to enjoy life and make time to slow down.

You can also download my other (non-coloring) books for free, “More Than Just a Girl” and “You Can Fight Back“!

Art is therapy.

Free Your Art & Soul

A coloring book full of strength and love. Each illustration is an affirmation I use in my own self-care routine. Click on the lin below the book to download your own FREE PDF copy. – (9 pages)


Click Here to Print “FREE YOUR ART & SOUL”


Each page is one of my original drawings with a positive word or affirmation to help you cultivate healthier thoughts. I used to think affirmations were nonsensical, but when I decided to take control of my depression and heal, affirmations became an important and useful tool. Click on the file below the book to download your free PDF coloring book. (26 pages)


Click Here to Print “PEACE LOVE & WEIRDNESSES”

 No time to color right now, but searching for inspiration? Watch a video of the book!

Creating the art, taking the photos, putting it together into a book and having it edited takes a lot of work. For those who appreciate the effort and time from artists like myself and are financially able to pay for this download, you can choose what you want to give via PayPal. Thank you.


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