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From Unknown Writer to Huff Post Official Blogger – The Screen Life

I’m always so happy to share the success of a fellow blogger and even more so today since this particular writer, Aaron Fram, is a childhood friend! His blog The Screen Life  revolves around film, TV, and internet and it has been acquired by the Huffington Post; that megasized internet newspaper created by Arianna Huffington. What […]

The 2014 Voice4Society Blog Award

Voice 4 Society is a youth mentoring organization who champion literacy, among many other things.  I’ve had the joy of donating books as prizes in their last 2 writing contests as well as promoting the contests.  It’s not just about winning though. Expressing ourselves through language is empowering and can heal. As a writer I want […]

Inspiring Blogger Award – Thank You Transcending Borders!

What a lovely surprise this morning to open up a notification that my blog is inspiring to another blogger. Transcending Borders Blog.Wordpress is about finding a healthy way to live through forgiveness, acceptance of others, self love, and wisdom. At least that’s how I would describe it. Like most blog awards this one requires each […]

Thank you Voice 4 Socety

Voice 4 Society is another great supporter that empowers and connects people with tools and information.  V4S shares resources, information, life lessons, and stories of positive change from people of various backgrounds.  “Life is one big lesson and we are here to pass on your wisdom to this generation so that they could make a […]

Italian Rebel Girl

A few weeks ago I posted about an author, Lachrista Greco, attempting to raise enough money to publish her book about Italians American Women.  Her campaign has ended and while she did not raise the full amount intended, she did raise a large sum and was offered a free design and layout from a branding […]

My Voice

I was featured on the blog Voice 4 Society. They promote youth and community advocacy. I am part of the summer showcase with lots of other amazing people that are working to get youth involved in creating stronger communities. Check it out here:

Beautiful Bloggers

I was given the Beauiful Blogger award by The Unpredictable Life. Visit their BLOG. The nominated recipients are asked to: ~ Thank and Link-back to your nominator; ~ Nominate 7, 6, or fewer (or more) other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award as well; ~ Post a comment on each of your nominees […]

Thanks for the VERY Inspiring Blogger award.

What a great week. I am wrapping up my fundraiser, had a visit from my nephew, spent a day at the beach, laughed a lot and was given the VERY Inspiring BLogger award by Paula’s Pontifications. As a nominee I  will share seven (7) unknown things about myself with my readers.  Then award six (6) bloggers […]

Random Posts to Share

Here are some posts I enjoyed the past few days. Yes We Can Do Nonviolent Protest…: Mr. Thomoas Edison Speaks: A Great Mental Freedom: The Dog Ate My Homework and other BS: For an Ageless Glow Do Yoga: Pro Choice Tshirt on Zazzle: 10 Italian Feminists You Should Know:    

Tag You Are It

I was tagged by Gorgeousocity in this fun game…. Okay so I changed the rules a bit because I am so busy and you might be too. I replaced the rule to do 11 blogs and 11 questions with 3 blogs and 3 questions. I am still answering all 11 questions since she took the time […]