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High Heels Look Great, But Destroy Your Feet, Your Posture and Your Health

If I put on high heels I’d definitely run into things like doorways and low hanging fans. Yikes!  I’m six feet tall so high heels are not an important part of my life, but I know many women who swear by the heel. The reasons range from wanting to be taller and feeling fierce to […], eating disorder recovery

Ending Eating Disorders Requires Dedication: Meet the Nominees for the 2014 Love Warrior Award

It’s tough out there for a woman! Well really it’s tough for men and children too. On top of the struggle to live, we are inundated with ridiculous ideas and unattainable images in the media of how we should look.  Are you as sick and tired of such blatant self-hate inducing marketing? I sure am […]

Fashion Stomps Forward Without Starving Models

I saw a video today that brought joy to my heart.  It is a fashion show video. At a younger age I used to enjoy and planned on fashion as a career, but eventually came to loathe its cattiness, mass-produced unsustainable products, unhealthy human models who deliver each outfit and lack of reflecting our diverse […]

You will Never Be Pretty! Because Pretty is Obsolete.

I spent years calling myself ugly. As a gangly, uneven toothed, frizzy haired, flat chested, acne sprouting teenager all I wanted was to be pretty and I fully believed the mean girls and the media that told me I was ugly. I spent all my money on clothes, makeup, and fashion magazines that made me […]

Looking at Aging With Stars in My Eyes

I love this article about menopause in Ode magazine. It brings up a good point about how we as a society tend to look at youth as the goal and getting older as last place.  The writer shares how we have become so vain about our “packaging” and how we forget that age is a […]

You are Beautiful – book excerpt

Go to the mirror right now and tell your reflection you love her. Say clearly and out loud “I LOVE YOU”. Love your body, it’s the only one you have. Be grateful for your body. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Say clearly and out loud “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. There are images everywhere of how people are […]

The Most Inspiring Young Woman of 2012!

I met Jaz Gray online when she was hosting a pajama drive for children with long stays in the hospital and also children at homeless shelters. At the time she was still in High School. What I didn’t know about Jaz at first is that she has AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation.  Now she has graduated from […]

Gorgeous Gems

Thanks to GorgeousoCity blog for joining my blog challenge.  This blogger is ‘Sharing Gems of Gorgeousness’ by writing about beauty and skincare – particularly of the natural and organic variety. This former beauty editor took the jump from working for someone else to creating independence with her own business.  One of my favorite posts is about eidble beauty oil […]

Love to Shop?

When you need a gift for  a wonderful friend or when words do not feel like enough gratitude, check out the Live Laugh Love To Shop blog and website. They have a great selection of products for just about everyone. The name is a good indication about how much fun this blog is! You will […]

Smart is Beautiful. Does your child know?

Take that all you silly shirts aimed at young girls and boys.  Telling them studying is stupid. Partying is better. blah blah blah! I would not let my daughter wear a shirt that says something along the lines of instead of homework I’d rather be at the MALL.   I am sure she would be. […]