Must Read Blogs

This page is a collection of blogs on topics of personal growth, social activism, literature, art, and education. If you love a blog consider subscribing to their updates, follow them and share it with your friends.


Honie Briggs: A published author with opinions on everything from football to social action plus photography and creative writing.

The Treasure Trove: Tantalizing information and images that will keep you coming back for more.

Kimberly Harding –  Where art, feminism, and step-parenting coalesce.

Spellcheckaholic:  Poetry, wit, and humor with musical influences, food for thought and ramblings.

Al Bagocius’ Blog:  Marketing and business mixed with featured social actions, amazing role models and fun posts.

Site for Creative Solutions: Change your thoughts, improve the world. Life coaching from a clinical psychologist.

Lateral Love Australia:  Learn about Aboriginal Australian people and their progress towards cultural preservation and equal respect/rights.


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