Four More Days and Counting

Four more days to reach my goal!
For years I let my lack of self confidence stop me from pursuing a career in art and writing. Over the last year I proved to myself that I am capable of my dream career. So now nothing is stopping me.
This week I submitted my first essay to the New York Times. It may or may not be published, but I know my work is good enough to try. I have always wanted to do this, but was waiting to be a “great” writer. But that was my version of waiting to be perfect, which nobody is. So, I said to hell with waiting and put my work out there with the possibility of rejection.
Last October I started a Patreon page to support my work. It funds my free online course to ease depression and funds my free zine Radical, which focuses on mental health and supporting independent artists. Currently I have a goal of $200 per month on Patreon. I am just past the halfway mark for this goal. I am counting down to end of the month to ask for fans of my work to pledge between $1-$50 each month and become patrons of my work. Want to join and help me reach my goal before August? In return you can receive art in the mail each month. https://www.patreon.com/loviedo

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