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Lesson Ten: Detach from the Drama

This lesson is designed to help you let go of drama that is most likely fueling your apathy or depression. My life of depression felt like a telenovela, with drama that always centered around me and my pain. I expected certain things to turn out differently and when it didn’t my depression would make everything worse. I expected other to save me and when they didn’t I built it up into the biggest mountain of sh*t. There came a point in my healing where I realized that only I could truly save myself. I know what’s best for me and what I need. Other people can try to save us, but it will always be in their vision, not ours. So if someone else is saving us, are we really getting what we need?

Detach from the Drama!

Telenovelas are fun to watch, but they fill our heads with drama that is completely unnecessary. I used to be addicted to television and movies. Instead of living my own life and risking failure I could experience the world and have a thousand different lives in a hundred different places via television. I was also sucked into thinking my life journey was going to be filled with drama, as if there was no other way to live. But there is a way to live without the draining drama.

My favorite coping mechanism was living in a fantasy world where I could be the hero. Since I couldn’t name my pain I imagined other more tangible pains that were present in the worlds of others. I could escape in a book, in a movie or by daydreaming instead of dealing with my pain or seeking help. These fantasy worlds were often negative, centered on themes of horror and drama that are so popular in our media. My depression worsened as my thoughts guided me to even more darkness.

The drama of entertainment also spilled over into my interactions with others. I wasn’t really disconnecting fantasy with reality. I expected life to unfold like a movie, but there’s a big difference between being able to film the same scene until it’s perfect and being in the real time moment.

“Cut loose the negative drama and immerse in what is.”


Ask yourself if it’s worth it next time you are about to get into a situation that will consume your energy and fill your life with negativity.

  1. What’s the drama?
  2. Who/What is the root cause?
  3. Is this an important problem or can I simply let it go?
  4. If it is important what are all the possible solutions?


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