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Lesson Six: Silence and Solitude

This lesson is  designed  to practice silence and solitude. If you feel depressed spending time alone can sound hellish. That’s how i use to view solitude. But through recovery I have learned the power of silence and solitude to allow myself space to heal. Relying on others to distract or heal me takes away my own power and creates co-dependency.

Schedule Solitude and Silence.

Silence and solitude used to be my enemy. I needed noise and distractions to drown out the painful memories, my chaotic thoughts and cruel words other people told me. With time and self-love, I’ve learned to make peace with, and even enjoy, moments of silence and solitude. What I’ve found is that solitude can be very healing for me because I am forced to be with all the good and misunderstood parts of myself. When I honor that desire, life feels less scary. I have less stress because I have time to work on my own projects. I feel more balance because this allows me to finish what is most important.

Silence allows us time to be present, rejuvenate and heal. Our days are filled with work, commuting, celebrations, mourning, and a constant connection to social media. When alone we can feel more of a connection to the earth, to love and to our inner core. The silence gives us space to organize thoughts and acknowledge emotions. In silence, we slow our speed.


Answer the following questions in your journal.

  1. What can I do by myself that feels good?
  2. How can I make time in my schedule for myself?
  3. What stops me from wanting to be alone?

Spend time alone and journal how you feel.

  1. What thoughts appear when I’m alone?
  2. How do I feel physically?


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