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Lesson Four: Understand Regret and Enable Forgiveness

Regret holds us back and can stop us from trying again. Once we learn to forgive ourselves, we can let go of so much pain that we have been holding onto. We are fallible beings, prone to mistakes. That is not something for which we need to feel shame.

Regret and remorse have been such powerful emotions in my life. These keep me stuck in the past, unable to move forward or enjoy my journey. I have an unhealthy habit of living in my head, in the past. Whether it’s something that happened a few days ago or years ago, some experiences have been difficult to release.

Holding on to regret will stop you from healing. The ability to let go of what no longer serves us is extremely important in our healing process.

 Forgive Yourself

There are times when my inner child comes out and she is a sarcastic brat. Other times I can be flippant and unsympathetic to another person’s pain. I am not a perfect being. If I was you wouldn’t be reading this book. We all make mistakes, sometimes giant ones that totally change the course of our life and others. Sometimes we make small mistakes that can hardly create a ripple in our life. It’s okay to make mistakes. A major part of our life journey is about learning. Think of how you easily forgive others for their mistakes. Why not show yourself the same compassion?


Repeat the following sentence until you believe it!


 You really are. So please be gentle with yourself. Accept the humility of failure. You need to live in the present. Allow yourself to make mistakes and forgive yourself for not knowing any better. We are all perfectly imperfect.

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