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Taking Notes on Death

Healing and grieving.

8 Things You Must Do BEFORE Buckling Down to Write that Novel

Originally posted on J. A. Allen:
It happens all the time. People read a crappy?novel and think, hey, I can do better than that. A fraction of those people have an idea for a?plot that potential readers might find interesting—if it’s raining. And a Tuesday. Because people love reading on Tuesdays, especially if it’s less…

Writing is Healing and Opening

“Writing isn’t just being creative, it’s healing and opening.” Writing my book wasn’t easy. Sharing what had always felt so shameful was scary. Even so, I came to a point where I stopped feeling shameful and started understanding that depression is just as important as any serious illness. Suddenly I realized I was no longer […]

Much Love to ALL Are Welcome Here – Art

“Much love to ALL are welcome here!” I illustrated this after hearing too many stories and reading too many articles about the anti immigration, anti refugee propaganda that has increased in my country since a new president was elected to our government. I was raised to love and accept all people and hate is not […]

Nature Meditation for Depression

One of the many ways I’m healing my depression is through nature. I live in the city with lots of parks, canyons and the ocean, but it’s still mostly concrete, pollution and a constant rushing of life.  Since I don’t have many opportunities to escape into the mountains I escape into the garden where I […]