April Readathon: Meet New Authors: Deb Bailey, John Khoury, Stephanie Briggs, Jim West and Leah Oviedo

The April Readathon has begun! It’s a new month and this year, April is bringing showers of literacy. This month features 5 authors in different genres including Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult and Science.

Here are this months books in no particular order.

*1*: “Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales” by Deborah A. Bailey
Seven short stories of the future: a robot is abandoned by his human buyer when she has second thoughts, a frustrated employee has a rude awakening when his computer starts managing his career, the caretaker of a lonely space station gets a shock when a couple of unexpected visitors show up, and more!

*2*: “Quanology” by John Khoury
Follow step-by-step as Khoury leads you through a unified theory of human living known as Quanology—the next major evolutionary step in humans’ pursuit of “the good life.” From the scientific basis that evolution and natural selection created humans comes a solid strategy for moving beyond our basic needs and addressing the forces in life that will truly make us fulfilled. Proving that these fundamental forces still rule over us today, Khoury gives readers a new outlook that will ultimately help provide a better sense of purpose while moving toward the best life possible. A fun and accessible read, even as it tackles some technical topics, this intriguing guide will fundamentally change the way you look at yourself and the world around you.

*3*: “Magicae Mathematica” by Jim West
A young girl, who has anger issues due to her parents demanding careers, finds herself mysteriously transported to a world where math is magic. Too bad she never paid much attention in math class.

*4*: “Summoning the Strength” by Stephanie Briggs
Katherine Doyle is a fictional woman, but the betrayal and disappointment she faces are all too real. Her experiences are our experiences. Her story is our story. Katherine lives a privileged life, and privilege has its price. Summoning The Strength captures the nature of a life well lived and shows how the worst of circumstances can help us discover the best of ourselves. 

*5*: “Fierce” by Leah Oviedo
This is a guide for young women to understand the true meaning of being empowered. Because of lingering inequality we need to learn how to make decisions and question the status quo about our rights. Learn about why and how you can create positive change by teaching yourself to question the status quo, learn critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make healthy decisions. Use the resources in this book to make choices that resonate with your beliefs. Take control of your life and your future. 

Which book(s) will you choose? Join the April Readathon on Facebook.com/events/801527406594941


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