Discovering New Books: March Kicks Off the First Readathon of 2015

If you’re a reader with an insatiable appetite or an independent author keep reading!

I love to read so much that when I was younger one of my punishments was not being allowed to go to the library for books.  I was lucky to have a mother who encouraged a love of literature which started with those special evenings that involved bedtime stories. As an adult finding good books to read is a challenge: after already consuming so many and living in a period where anybody can self-publish there’s a lot to filter through.

Over the years I have befriended so many great authors and enjoyed their books so now I’m always searching for ways to share these treasures with more people. So I started a Readathon with the goal of featuring new books from independent authors (those not with a major publisher) every month. Since this is the first month I’m featuring my own books, of which I have six total. With your help I can make this successful every month there will be more books to discover and enjoy!


1. Choose a book listed on FACEBOOK or on THIS PAGE 

2. Buy a copy on Amazon or Bookemon

(Books start at just 99 cents!)


*If you’re an author interested in being featured(it’s free) send me a message.


*If you like this blog share it…


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