TALK ABOUT IT! Use Discussion to Prevent Problems.

Every news about a war, terrorism, or violence makes me ill. I wonder WHY don’t we put more importance on solving problems with peaceful methods such as mediation and compromise. From violent regimes, dictators and rebel groups to religious infractions, culture clashes or a family dispute we do have the possibility to solve our problems sans violence.  If you look hard enough you will find many examples of successful peaceful solutions in our world. I have highlighted a few resource below to inspire YOU to find peaceful ways to solve your problems and to encourage others to do the same.

Women War and Peace is a documentary series highlighting women in conflict areas who have created peaceful solutions and found justice without violence.

School and city officials in Bucyrus Maine reached out to to Speak Truth To Power(STTP) in an effort to end teh culture of bullying in their school.

In recent news the USA backed out of plans for a military strike in Syria after agreeing to a diplomatic solution.

Having trouble with your children? Parent and child discussions should be a general parenting rule right up there with nutrition and safety. “Engage in discussion. Talk with your children about negative and positive portrayals. There is virtually no way to avoid the media..” No matter the lesson talk with your kids about gender roles, sex, education, compassion, or health. Your children will either learn from you or from the media.

Reach Out was created by Jack Heath after his cousin committed suicide. The site for teens and young adults includes a forum for discussing problems and finding healthy solutions.

I have my own 5 simple steps to follow when I am faced with a problem. Check it out:

For a national list of community mediators which are usually free visit your local city hall or check out

If you need a professional mediator look at

How often do you solve problems with peaceful solutions?

What is a time in your life when you peacefully solved a problem?

Thanks for commenting and sharing this post. Together we can create a sustainable world.

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