Entrepreneur Spotlight: Al Bagocius

Best Florida business 2013, Al Bagocius, A&I Consulting Group, Jacksonville Florida Business Owners

I connected with Al Bagocius years ago, when I first started the Investing In Women grant program. He has been a wonderful supporter of my work and philanthropic efforts. But that is not the only reason he is in the spotlight. He is a talented package designer.  As my business grows I plan to use his services to give my products more influence.

This is one of my favorite posts by Al which is a to do list for creating your ideal packaging. http://albagocius.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/packaging-i-couldnt-have-said-it-better/

You can follow Al on his blog: http://albagocius.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/do-you-stay-ahead-of-your-competition/

You can see even more examples of his work on his website, the A&I Consulting Group: www.aicreativepackaging.com

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