The Bystander Effect: It’s not my problem!

I read an intriguing article today about Responsibility Diffusion. It is when something, such as a medical emergency or violence, happens in a large group of people and we don’t do anything.  I admit to doing this myself. While I usually will ask someone if they need help, sometimes I was in a hurry or just not sure if I should bother them. I like to think of myself as a good samaritan or a hero who would standup and do something if I saw injustice or an accident. I have matured quite a lot in the last 2 years and am not as scared of approaching people nor as worried of getting rebuffed. If it was a violent situation I think I would do something. In self defense class I teach people not to be afraid and I do not want to become a hypocrite. Next time I see something and am unsure I will take action and just deal with the consequences good or bad.

The writer of this article suggests some actions you can take to be responsible. “Recognize the situation. Like, “Hey, could this be that bystander effect happening right now? Why nobody’s doing anything? Including me?” Recognize the hurdle so you can jump over it.” Read the full article here:

What keeps you from being a victim of the Bystander Effect?

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